Vintage Van Hire

Vintage Van Hire

Looking for something special? We have a selection of 1960's & 1970's vintage vans. If you want something different at your great event, be sure to request one of our special Vintage Vans.

In addition to our modern vans we also have vintage ice cream vans to offer . Currently we have a couple of 1970s Bedford CF’s that have been refurbished into fully operational ice cream vans. All of the vans dispense ice cream from Caprigiani soft serve ice cream machines and have deep chest freezers that are capable of holding large quantities of ice cream stock. These vans can operate in two ways, the first is by their inbuilt generators which are specifically chosen by the engineers so very little fumes are emitted and are extremely silent, and the second is to run on mains electric where zero emissions are emitted.

Health & Safety

Our first class ice cream vans and trailers combined with our high quality products and a friendly service are the major distinguishing factor of our business. Our uniformed operatives are fully trained in all aspects of food handled to offer our customer’s, the ultimate ice cream experience.

We are also members of Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) & Ice Cream Alliance (ICA).

Super whippy have been awarded 5 stars for food hygiene by the local council in the national food hygiene rating scheme.