Wedding & Corporate

Our Wedding Service

Super Whippy are available to hire for your wedding or corporate events.

A Mr Whippy wedding is always a huge hit. We often keep ourselves hidden from the guests until the opportune moment, then we switch on the music and roll into site, ribbons and bows attached and a bespoke menu to celebrate the newly weds.

We can also arrange quantity of ice cream products to be distributed on a "give away" basis for your guests.

We work alongside the photographer to help catch those one-off shots of the bride and groom. They are invited into the van to pose for pictures pulling ice cream and as the ice cream vans have twin front seats, we let the bride and groom ‘mock’ driving the van away as if they were leaving for their honey moon.

Our Corporate Service

For corporate event hire we offer a variety of solutions. From complete end to end service, including setup, menu creation, all day service and after event clear up, to block booking of one of our vans. We also facilitate fixed rate scenarios where we provide free Ice Cream to all your customers and charge a flat rate fee.

If you are looking to market your product and brand through direct distribution why not let us do the hard work for you? Throughout the year we attend various shows, music venues, and many other events across the UK where we serve literally hundreds of thousands of consumers on a weekly basis this is a huge opportunity for your business to reach out to a host of potential new customers who can then sample your goods directly.